Genting Skyworlds Edges to Opening with Map Release.

Genting Skyworlds has quietly released its map to the public.

Genting Skyworlds sure does look like a theme park.

Whilst a theme park releasing a map wouldn't usually stop the press, Genting Skyworlds is a little different. This comes after a humble five-year delay since its expected opening of 2016 where it was originally going to open as '20th Century Fox World Malaysia.'

The history of this park has been everything but smooth sailing. The original expected launch date of 2016 was pushed back to 2019 with Genting citing financial concerns, but come 2019 Genting filed a lawsuit against 20th Century Fox for allegedly attempting to back out of the project. Disney was accused of "calling the shots" behind the scenes with their then-pending acquisition of Fox and allegedly executives within the mouse house weren't particularly happy with their brand being used adjacent to a casino with little input from the company.

Fox and Genting settled in July of 2019 with Genting being allowed to use some of the 20th Century Fox intellectual property, but the park would no longer be allowed to use the name '20th Century Fox World'.

Genting Skyworlds is now in its technical rehearsal phase after two years of adjustments and changes with insiders believing that the theme park will be open to the public within the next month.

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