Legoland Discovery Centre Melbourne Overview

One thing to know about ReviewTyme is that both Dom and Myself love Lego, both our houses feature Lego builds throughout, so when we saw that the Legoland Discovery Centre Melbourne was having an Adults night while we were in town for PAX Australia 2018, we jumped at the opportunity to head along and see what it was all about! The Legoland Discovery Centre Melbourne is the ultimate indoor Lego Playground, featuring great family fun with 2 rides, 11 separate build and play zones, a 4D cinema and much more. We attended the centre during one of their adult nights which take place around once a month. The night we attended was themed to Halloween which saw lots of little Halloween touches throughout the centre as well as all build challenges featuring this theme! For ReviewTyme I’m Luke Carroll and this is our overview of Legoland Discover Centre Melbourne.

What should I know?


The Legoland Discovery Centre is at its core a lego themed indoor play centre, it is split into a number of different sections which all contain experiences for your children to partake in. Throughout the centre, there are sections themed to the most well known Lego lines including City, Friends and Duplo. The most surprising part for us what that the centre also contains two fully-fledged rides including a Zamperla Magic Bike ride entitled Merlin’s Apprentice as well as a great shooter dark ride attraction “Kingdom Quest” which we found hard to believe that this ride existed within a shopping centre.

Whilst the little ones will love all of the rides, play areas and Lego building Zones the favourite of most parents will be Miniland, where you can explore a miniature Lego replica of Melbourne’s most beloved sights and attractions including Federation Square, The MCG, Luna Park and more built from over 1.5million Lego Bricks. The detail in the models is spectacular and we found ourselves spending a good chunk of our night exploring this area and admiring the effort that has gone into creating these models.

We also had a lot of fun in the 4D Theatre which was showing a Lego Movie 4D attraction which was an enjoyable watch and followed the great self-referential style humour the Lego movie is known for, even poking fun at the world of Theme Parks. The Cinema was showing a collection of movies at different times throughout the event though we only saw that one.

Who is the centre suited for?


The Legoland Discovery Centre Melbourne really is aimed at children between the ages of 3 and 10, without a child in that age range, you are unable to enter the facility except for during one of the “Adult Nights” that the centre runs around once a month. This limit on entry is fine in our eyes as the Centre really is designed for Children and whilst we had a lot of fun at the Adult Night, your Children will be the real lovers of this playground. If you get a chance and you are fans of Lego, like us, we do strongly recommend attending one of the Adult Nights to see what the place is all about. It was a great experience with plenty of chances to take part in competitions with Lego prizes such as master building challenges and speed builds!

Where is it?


The Legoland Discovery Centre is in Chadstone Shopping Centre, one of the biggest shopping malls I’ve ever stepped foot in, which is around a 20-minute drive outside of the Melbourne CBD. Unfortunately, the public transport to here isn’t as good as you would expect from a city known for its great transport options so we ended up getting an Uber to the centre instead.

Why should I go?


If you have a child or children into Lego they will absolutely love the experiences on offer here. One of the other major reasons to go is that connected to the centre (and not requiring an entry ticket) is one of the few official Lego stores in Australia, which I can never walk out of without buying something! You shouldn’t approach the centre expecting a Legoland Theme Park, it really is an indoor playground themed to Lego. All of the staff we encountered in the centre were amazing as well, and a big shout out to Ruby for talking to us for a while about working at the centre and sharing her love of Lego with us!

Final Thoughts


The Legoland Discovery Centre Melbourne is a great addition to Merlin Entertainments ever expanding hold on the Australian entertainment market. Hopefully, we see extra Legoland Discovery Centres branch out around Australia in the next few years so more families have the chance to experience the great fun they provide, and hey in the future maybe we will even see a fully fledged Legoland theme park, a man can Dream right! I’m Luke Carroll and this is ReviewTyme, thanks for watching.

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