Luna Park Sydney - October Update

Now that I can finally go that extra few kilometers outside the 5km bubble fromy my house to Luna Park Sydney, I popped in today to see the progress on all of the upcoming additions.

Big Dipper has both trains on track and was finishing up the part of the queue that will take you over the first launch and into what can only be described as a scare maze looking lead up to the station.

The front of the Big Dipper station was getting some thematic touches added too it, though it's a shame these appear to be incredibly flat compared to the building it's trying to continue the style of next door.

Elsewhere it seemed to be a big day for testing, with Boomerang, Loopy Lighthouse and Cloud Nine all cycling in the time I was there.

Sledgehammer was having the finishing touches placed on its locker system.

The Big Dipper was also creating quite a buzz amongst the local wildlife, with a rather large beehive deciding to call the brake run home.

The park's set to open next week and I'll be there over that weekend to finally ride at least 8 of the brand new attractions!

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