Luna Park Sydney Reopening & Halloscream

Over the weekend I attended Luna Park Sydney's long overdue reopening day and then stayed late into the night for their separately ticketed Halloween event Halloscream.

Seven of Luna Park's Nine brand new rides were ready for opening day with the brand new Big Dipper set to debut in December and Sledgehammer unfortunately down for unscheduled maintenance.

All of the new family rides were open though giving families a great selection of new attractions they can all ride together. The standouts of the newly opened rides have to be the Boomerang Coaster which packs a surprising punch for a family ride, especially on the backwards parts as well as Loopy Lighthouse the perfect stepping stone for those not quite confident enough to ride the Hair Raiser.

As the sun started to set the scares started to begin with Halloween overtaking the boardwalk from 5 pm-11 pm. Other than the event giving you a great time to get some night rides on the brand new attractions, it also involved several entertainment offerings, special food and merchandise plus the stand-outs of the event three scare mazes.

The first maze we tackled for the night was "Rain Dead" and although this one had an interesting backstory where acidic rain essentially turns people back into a primitive state the sets and props didn't carry this theme through the maze. The actors within did the best they could with the material but it felt like there was nowhere near enough of them, with areas that clearly should have had actors left bare. An interesting concept but unfortunately a lacklustre maze to start the night.

Next up we entered into DecayMart 365, a sequel to last years DecaryMart and just like last year this maze did not disappoint. This maze sees you step foot into an abandoned supermarket overtaken by bloody thirsty zombies. While this may sound cliche, the great mix of talented actors, detailed sets and unique scares all culminated in a maze that was the standout attraction for the event for everyone in my party.

Our final maze for the night was Outback Slaughterhouse where you step foot into an Australian butchers barn where it turns out you might be the next thing hung up and turned into sausages. This maze's intense performers, confined corridors and special effects made this another don't miss attraction.

With a large number of guests let in it felt like 5 hours wasn't quite enough to do everything satisfyingly, with queues for each maze being around 40 minutes consistently throughout the night. Still, it was great to get back to the park after almost 9 months of downtime, get on seven brand new attractions including two new coaster credits and also get the living daylights scared out of me. Can't wait to go back in a couple of months to give the brand new Big Dipper a try and hopefully Sledgehammer will be open soon too!

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