Travelling To Nagashima Spaland? – How To Get There

If you’re trying to get to the Nagashima Spa Land resort, chances are you’re a little overwhelmed by your choices. Simplism is your best companion when travelling and we want everybody to have the most enjoyable experience getting to one of Japan’s most iconic theme parks. We’ve done the journey and survived (barely) so below we’ve outlined the easiest way to get to the Nagashima Resort.

Poor Google Maps even struggles with trying to figure out your best options.

How To Get To The Nagashima Resort

The Nagashima Resort is located on Nagashima Island near Kuwana City in the Mie Prefecture. Your first step to get to the Nagashima Resort is to travel on the Shinkansen to Nagoya. From Tokyo, it is a 100-minute trip whereas it’s a slightly shorter 55-minute trip from Osaka.

Nagoya station is the best option for international travellers as it lies on the JR rail line and is compatible with JR passes. If you’re unfamiliar with JR passes we will do a write up on them soon.

Once you arrive at Nagoya Station you want to leave the Shinkansen train area and make your way to Meitetsu Bus Centre. Take the Sakura-Dori exit from Nagoya station. Once you’ve exited the ticketed area, turn right and walk along Meeikei-Dori which is outside on the street. Appreciate the sites of the city as you make your past Meitetsu Nagoya and Kintetsu Nagoya station. Once you’ve passed these stations keep an eye out for ‘Nana-Chan’ which a giant statue of a mannequin. She is often clothed in the different attire so it’s impossible to say what she will be wearing when you arrive!

Once you’ve found ‘Nana-Chan’, make your way up the escalators directly in front of her to the third floor and you’ll be greeted by the Meitetsu Bus Centre.

The workers at the bus centre speak very little English (as is common in Japan outside the younger generation and students) but thankfully there are plenty of signs to signal that you want to go to Nagashima Spa Land.

You have the option to buy your bus and park ticket in the same purchase and we highly recommend this! If you purchase the return bus and park ticket, they’ll all be printed together and it gives you one less thing you need to worry about when you arrive.

Once you’ve purchased your ticket you’re now good to go! Head to your designated terminal for departure and be sure to stock up on some great Japanese snacks as you’ve got a 50-minute bus ride ahead of you. I used this opportunity to catch up on my designated nap quota!

The bus also routes through some of Japan’s non-tourist areas which provides a great opportunity to see how life outside the city works in Japan. Also, keep an eye on the horizon as you’ll very quickly see Steel Dragon 2000 making an appearance.

And that is it! It’s not as intimidating as it first seems but currently one of the only other resources in getting there is linked below and it’s incredibly convoluted and confusing.  If you’re brave you can try and decipher it,  but that’s what we are here for!

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