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Nov 12, 2021
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Hi everyone! So as some of us might know the park has been undergoing a massive 30million dollar + change and expansion of rides. Many of the rides are aimed at families and that's a major positive for the park. Living in Sydney this is my "local" park. Unfortunately, the covid lockdowns we had (4months) meant not many updates could be done properly during that time. Thankfully since the easing of restrictions, I have visited the park now a few times. The big addition to the park is the Big Dipper, Called this after the original Big Dipper that opened with the park in 1935. I'm sure as many people are aware this will be the words first Hot Racer Coaster by Intamin, a single rail coaster but with a tyre drive system, unlike the RMC chain style system. I've included various photos showing the progress that's been made. It's due to launch (what a pun!) sometime in December. HUSS Troika, called Tumble Bug used to occupy this site. Tumble bug, removed before the end of January 2021. Middle of October 2021 (Halloween special event). The new facade is being made up to blend in with the somewhat original Big Dipper entrance. A crane was brought in to help with lifting and maneuvering the "skeleton frame". "Skelton frame" being moved into position. The "skeleton frame" is bolted up and moved into its final position. This took approximately one month. Before lockdown's occurred in NSW the first pieces of track were installed. I returned after the lockdown ended (4 months in total). The entire circuit had been completed. The 2nd launch propels you upwards into the non-inverting loop A look at the non-inverting loop from inside the park, The building behind (Grey) is not a residential building, it's a commercial one. I call this one "Spaghetti in the sky" The Big Dipper is in the background and Sledge Hammer is in the foreground. The final left-hand turn will lead you into the station. Shown here are the drive motors to the left and track to the right. Interesting design to say the least. It seems you will exit from the RHS of the station down some stairs, no idea of the final location for the stairs tho. The best I could get showing the full layout The concept art shows pretty much what it will look it. I look forward to other people sharing photos and videos. I will show off the other new rides in another post soon.
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